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Who Are We ?

We are Defender Nusa Semesta (DNS), a business that focuses on IT security. We are the team behind Defenxor, an integrated security provider for businesses.

Why Defenxor ?

With IT, your business is connected to a global audience of customers. Therefore, issues related to IT systems must be prevented because it can negatively impact your business. However, threats to the IT system are evolving. Securing your business’s IT requires a great deal of expertise as well as investment. Defenxor takes away the complexity and reduce the cost-of-ownership to deploy a security platform that can ensure your business to run smoothly. Therefore, you can focus more on the other aspects of your business.

Security Surveillance

24/7 monitoring of security events by qualified analysts.

Incident Response & Management

React quickly to reduce the impact of breaches and data losses.

Vulnerability Management

Proactively discover weaknesses and track their resolutions.

Mobile Apps

Access online analyst, monitor our progress, and be notified on issues in real-time.

Log Collection and Management

Collect, correlate, and analyse logs using SIEM and full-text search technologies.

Network data capture & forensic

Network traffic capture for threat finding and forensic purposes.


Do you have any questions about our services? Or would you like to request customized service and offerings? Let us know! We are happy to connect and talk directly to find out your specific needs. We have prepared a few ways for you to contact us, by phone at (+62 21) 2902 3055, or send us an e-mail to